Red Dreams White Space

19.12.13 – 08.01.14

Yinogo Art, in association with My Art Temptation, is very proud to present the first ever group exhibition in Asia of Jack Massey, Manuel Müller and Jamie Paul. The three artists use different mediums, and have very different styles. The recognition they have enjoyed in Asia in recent years is not only a testament to their global appeal, but also to the region’s new embrace of a more diverse range of artists.

Venue : G/F, No. 15 Dragon Road, Hong Kong

Serenity In The Lost Garden

Solo Exhibition by Jack Massey
18 .09.12 –29.09.12

Serenity In The Lost Garden
Solo Exhibition by Jack Massey

18 .09.12 –29.09.12
Yinogo Art presents the first solo exhibition in Asia of American artist Jack Massey. Throughout a career that included ten years as a tattoo artist, Massey has worked with a wide range of mediums including oils and acrylics, as well as airbrush and digital. Massey’s work documents late 20th and early 21st century American life and his artwork portrays timeless American archetypes: the bar girl, the jazz musician and the “honcho” with a “serenity” that eases the tense urban loneliness, while recalling the peaceful garden of man’s origins— before he entered dark and lonely cities.

Venue: Linkbridge, Lincoln House, TaiKoo Place, Island East, Hong Kong


In The Frame: Sculpture and Contemporary Art Exhibition

16.05.12 -28.05.12

West goes East in an eclectic showcase featuring Vladimir Kush, best painter of Monaco '11, award-winning Swiss sculptor Manuel Müller, Simone Boon, Jamie Paul, and Valery Kosorukov. In The Frame offers a refreshingly novel perspective, adding quality to the mix of Art in Hong Kong.

Venue : Zetter, LG/F, Hoseinee House, 69 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Swiss artist Manuel Müller (right) and Ms. Francoise Killias Zillweger, Head of Consul at the Swiss Consulate Hong Kong (centre) at Yinogo Art’s “In the Frame” exhibition, 2012.

Joined Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2011

Joined Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2010

Joined Salon Art Shopping Art Fair
at Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris, France, 2010

Soul in the Scissors

Li Yun Xia’s papercutting exhibition at The University of Hong Kong, 2010